District of Columbia Recreation and Parks Masters Swim Team

District of Columbia Recreation and Parks Masters Swim Team

Suggested Sets : Dry-land-home-quarantine-workout

Here’s a bunch of dryland exercises from USMS magazine:

Dryland Exercises

William found this:
Bunch of awesome drylands in this video from Nebraska Swimming:

A wonderful yoga and pilates studio is now doing live classes through Zoom. The name of the place is Haute Bodhi and the e-mail address is hautebodhi@gmail.com. They also have a Facebook group that posts some classes for free, but for the live stream classes (worth it!) you have to sign up.

Barre3 is offering free online workouts. Also tons of great online yoga options out there – East Side Yoga on the Hill is a great one to support!

In the spirit of needing a set with intervals to get through a workout, I highly recommend the workouts that fitness blender puts together. The bonus is that they are free, of varying lengths (so if you would’ve shown up late to practice, just pick a shorter one…), and don’t require any equipment so you can do them at home!



Spell your First/Last Name (do set 3x’s through)
  • A: 25 mountain climbers
  • B: 50 jumping jacks
  • C: 25 sit ups
  • D: 10 push ups
  • E: 1 min wall sit
  • F: 20 Burpees
  • G: 35 medicine balls slams
  • H: 1 min plank
  • I: 25 squats
  • J: 30 scissor kicks
  • K: 30 lunges
  • L: 1 min Russian twists
  • M: 15 burpees
  • N: 1 min squat hold
  • O: 40 sit ups
  • P: 25 squats
  • Q: 1 min plank push-ups
  • R: 40 bicycle kicks
  • S: 25 push-ups
  • T: 35 squat jumps
  • U: 1 min wall sit
  • V: 40 squats
  • W: 25 jumping lunges
  • X: 40 sit ups
  • Y: 1 min plank
  • Z: 30 burpees