District of Columbia Recreation and Parks Masters Swim Team

District of Columbia Recreation and Parks Masters Swim Team


The team does not have a set schedule for admitting new members. When there is space and your name has reached the top of the wait list you will receive a time sensitive invitation. You will have 72 hours to join before the invitation expires. We send the invitation to people in the order that they joined the wait list. Please understand that the wait list is long (~500). We do not know what percentage of invitations will result in new members. If you signed up in the last couple of months do not expect an invitation right away.

The email will be sent from our server, and it will be from membership@swimdcrp.org. Be sure to check your spam folder. We WILL NOT be responsible for and have no obligation to reissue an invitation that has expired, for whatever reason.

Each DCRP year consists of 3 sessions that are 4 months each (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sep-Dec). The cost for each 4 month session is $60 for DC residents and $75 for non DC residents. You must meet the attendance requirements in order to be eligible for renewal.

  1. First join/register for USMS: https://www.usms.org/join-usms/join-or-renew – You cannot join DCRP unless you have a USMS number (USMS membership is required for insurance purposes).
  2. Once you have a USMS number, you may follow the link in your invitation email and complete the membership form.
  3. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your online transaction after you complete the membership form. Please note that you do NOT need to create a PayPal account to complete your transaction; simply click continue.
  4. After you have completed and we have verified your paypal transaction, you are a DCRP member for the current session.

Welcome! See you at the pool!